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Contact Us - Hours

  Email us at prrm@att.net

  Office Name Email  
  President Jim Wendorf wendorf@cvelimited.com  
Vice President Tom Pescha cleveshows@att.net


Lenny Kessler cyberlen@adelphia.net  
  Treasurer Dale Porter ohiodap@gmail.com  
  Web Master Tom Pescha cleveshows@att.net  

Board of Directors

  Jim Wendorf wendorf@cvelimited.com  
  Tom Pescha cleveshows@att.net  
  Lenny Kessler cyberlen@adelphia.net  
  Barry Uszko n/a  
  Paul Hach, Sr. n/a  
  Dennis Marano dennismarano@sbcglobal.net  
  Rob Romig depotman1@att.net  
  Dale Porter daleaporter@oh.rr.com  
  Tony Spena


  Scott Cummings


  Terry Mowery terrym389@gmail.com  


Fridays roughly 6-9pm, from May till October.

Saturday when we have work parties
Hours depending on available volunteers 

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The Western Reserve Railroad Association
The Painesville Railroad Museum
a 501(c)3 non-profit